until the Ohio convention

Next meeting Saturday March 16th 1:00 to 5:00 at the Westerville Public Library.

  • Ohio Paper Folders - Sponsors of CenterFold Origami Convention

    We go by several names - Capital Area Paper Shapers (CAPS) and Ohio Paper Folders.

    Capital Area Paper Shapers is comprised of origami artists who volunteer their time and talents to teach and share their skills and knowledge to ensure the life and development of this art form. Those artists who choose to participate also work on our community outreach programs, such as:

    • Teaching at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
    • Constructing hundreds of origami kits for the art carts at NCH as well as the holiday ornament program.
    • Teaching at schools, church’s, art festivals and other events.
    • Curate origami exhibits at galleries, craft fairs and the Ohio State Fair.
    CAPS meets the third Saturday of every month from 1:00 to 5:00 PM at the Westerville Public library. Children and adults are welcome.



    Beth Johnson and Brian Chan

    Brian and Beth are young, innovative designers and will be teaching many classes at the August convention.


    Hastings Middle School

    We have been asked to teach 500 students in one day at Hastings Middle School. This will be a record for us!


    Origami tent at the Asian Festival

    We will once again be teaching origami to the public at the Asian Festival. Last year we taught between 800 and 1,000 people a basic model in just two days. We will again have a large display of origami as well, so stop on by.


    Origami tent at the Columbus Arts Festival

    And we will again have a tent at the Greater Columbus Arts Festival. Three days of fun, food (not in our tent!), art and origami down at the riverfront.

  • Guests of Honor are Brian Chan and Beth Johnson

    4 Days of Origami

    Aug 15th

    Thursday - special workshops.

    Since some people come in early we will be there on Thursday. There will be a few special workshops, but no sceduled classes. Just hang our with the early birds (no worms!).

    Aug 16th

    Friday - beginner workshops, classes and general folding.

    There are two parallel tracks on Friday - beginner workshops for novice folders and general folding sessions.

    Aug 17th

    Saturday - Classes Classes Classes!

    As usual, Saturday will be wall to wall classes. A second seating of the beginner workshop as well.

    Aug 18th

    Sunday - Classes.

    Classes will run up to 5:00 PM. The Great room will remain open and available to folders until late in the night, so anyone staying over until Monday will have a place to fold.

    CenterFold 2013

    We will be holding the 2013 origami convention at The Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, 7007 North High street, Worthington Ohio 43085. Their numbers are 1-614-436-0700, 1 888 HOLIDAY and FAX 1-614-436-1208.

    We have a room block at $79.00 per night, so please mention that you are with the CenterFold Origami Convention when reserving rooms. The hotel is on Rt 23 (high Street) just south of I-270 on the north side of the Columbus metro area. Attendees from out of town should fly into Port Columbus Internation Airport (CMH). Shuttles are available from the airport to the hotel. Note that unlike last year's hotel, this one is surrounded by restaurants and shops as well as sporting a very nice bar, restaurant, pool etc.

    Register online or Download PDF mail-in form

    Note that the beginners workshops are included in convention registration.

    Feb 15 to Mar 31April 1 to May 31June 1 to July 31Aug 1 to at the door
    Full 4 day convention with classes150.00175.00190.00$190.00
    Friday only with classes55.0060.0065.0065.00
    Saturday only with classes80.0085.0090.0090.00
    Sunday only with classes70.0072.0080.0080.00
    Thursday Workshops TBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
    Thursday Workshops TBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
    Friday Beginners Workshop AM/PM50.0050.0050.0050.00

  • Guests of Honor for 2013

    Brian Chan

    I am particularly drawn to Origami because it adds the extra challenge of folding from a square (and I like challenges, sometimes) and incorporates a lot of geometry, which was my more favored sector of mathematics. Upon arriving at my first OUSA (2005) I was happy to find that the majority of the Origami community is friendly and very willing to teach. I hope that through the years, I will be able to make positive contributions as well, (and not become too cranky).

    Brian Chan's origmai page

    Beth Johnson

    Beth Johnson has been folding for many years, but only began designing her own models in 2010. Her designs combine a classic, stylized look with modern techniques.

    In June 2011 Beth was awarded the Florwnce Temko award by OrigamiUSA at their annual convention. This award honors a “Lone” who has contributed to origami in a meaningful way.

    Click here for more on Beth Johnson



    There are no rules.

    We are here to have fun, teach and learn, not follow rules. These are just suggestions.


    Challenge yourself.

    This is your opportunity to stretch your abilities. There are so many new directions in origami today - take a class on a style you have never attempted.


    But don't drag down the class.

    If you realize you are in over your head and you are slowing down everyone else, perhaps you should stop and just observe the others for the remainder of that class, then ask someone to assist you in the great room. People who just learned something new usually sit right down and do it again.


    Help people around you.

    If you "got it" and someone near you is stuck - jump in and help.


    Feel free to just observe.

    Interested in complex tesselations? Wet folding? Some model that is way beyond your abilities today? Feel free to stand to the side in a class and just observe - it is a great way to decide if this is something you want to try in the future.

  • Thursday long Workshops

    Paper Making

    Participants will walk through the basic processes of Papermaking: from beating the fiber to decorative techniques. You will discuss the differences in fibers and the papers that they can create. You will get a chance to pull sheets of paper of a variety of sizes and leave with some sample sheets. The instructor, Melissa Haviland has taught printmaking and papermaking at Ohio University for eight years. She first learned to make paper at the renowned Women's Studio Workshop in New York where she assisted in running their Art Farm-growing, harvesting, and processing plants specific to papermaking. This workshop will be limited to 8 participants. It will run from 12 - 5pm. The fee is $75 and pre-registration is required. Registration for this workshop will close on August 5th. Transportation from the hotel to Nelsonville, and the return trip will be provided by CenterFold (we'll have a van).

    PMC Precious Metal Clay

    This kind of medium is made with a water-based precious metal ( i.e. silver, gold) powder and an organic binder that, once fired, burns off, leaving only the metal along with a non-toxic powder which is then polished away.) The reason it appeals to origami enthusiasts is the material can be folded and manipulated like paper. Pre-registration is required. The PMC workshop will be limited to 25 people. The instructor is providing the materials, so each student will be limited to a pair of earrings or two small pendants. She is recommending the flapping bird due to the thickness of the material in the crane head and tail.This workshop will be broken into two seperate sessions, each about 2 hours long. The first session you'll make your PMC piece. It will fire and then be polished, the second session which will run Saturday evening, the pieces will be finished into jewelry. The fee for this workshop is a very reasonable $60; this includes the materials and instruction.


    You'll make a paper box. The workshop is 3 hours long, and the fee is $30. If the instructor provides the materials for you, please add $15. This workshop is limited to 25 people. Registration for this workshop will close August 9th.


    • 12 - 15 inch piece of cardboard
    • Patterned fabric for outer box, bottom, and lid 1/4 yard, or 21" square paper
    • Fabric for lining of box 1/8 yard, or 15" square paper
    • Scraps of fabric or paper for beads
    • Cotton polyester batting 8 inches
    • Craft glue
    • Fine embroidery floss or metallic thread
    • 50 inches decorative string or thick embroidery floss
    • Box of straight pins and pair of scissors, pencil

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    Convention Location:
    Holiday Inn Hotel&Convention Center,
    7007 High Street
    Worthington Ohio 43085
    Hotel :+1 614-436-0700

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 264,
    Granville Ohio 43023.

    Telephone:+1 740-334-4213
    E-mail: ms@ohiopaperfolders.com


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    We will be in touch soon.
  • Founding members of CAPS

    Monica Salisbury graduated from Ohio State University, and explores her artistic interests in painting and drawing, large metal sculpture, wind sculpture, air brushing T-Shirts, writing childrens books (not publishing them...just writing them), woodworking, ceramics, photography, floral design, training horses, and of course origami...(ok, not much of a focus). Monica has won awards for her modular origami pieces and has been invited again this year to teach at the Morgan Art and Papermaking Conservatory. in Cleveland, Ohio. Please check their website for upcoming classes. You can see monica's photostream at Monica Salisbury's Page

    Monica founded Capital Area Paper Shapers in November 2007 to deal with a lack of a local origami group. She has been the driving force behind the group's growth and local activities, including of course the annual convention.

    Jon Tucker is a student at Akron University; his major is in music. Jon is our most advanced folder/designer. He has many, many wonderful models he's designed. Jon is a real artist and it is our hope that we can get at least some of Jon's work diagrammed and subsequently published. We know others will be as eager to learn Jon's models as we are.Jon Tucker's Page

    Jeff Klein ran across us at the Asian festival in 2011 and began coming to meetings. At the 2011 convention he was introduced to Snapology by Faye Goldman and this bcame his passion. He has designed many original models using this technique of folding ribbon. Snapology was invented by Heins Strobel using ticker tape, and taken to a new level by Faye Goldman when she began using poly ribbon.

    Jeff has been incredibly generous with his time, assiting in setup, teardown and staffing of the

    Tim Tucker is generous with his time and has proven to be a tremendous help at the various workshops and demonstrations we have conducted. He is a patient teacher with new folders and he's a good eye for checking diagrams.

    Merida Weinstein is a font of information about paper making and an experienced origami instructor. She and Michael have taught at the national convention many times. Merida is very accomplished in the textile arts as well. She has won many awards for her incredible knitting as well as for origami. Both Michael and Merida bring many years of experience in folding, running classes and much more.

    Mary Cecilia Adams is fairly new to origami. She is the oldest of nine children and was born in Baltimore, MD. Cecilia attended high school and did some course work at Notre Dame Preparatory School. Cecilia also enjoys knitting, crochet, cross stitch and sewing. She is retired but works as a cake decorator for a Dairy Queen. Cecilia became a member of CAPS after a presentation at MARCON in 2010. She says CAPS has "presented a whole new world of paper crafting" to her and she is particularly interested in modular origami. She enjoys the social aspects of CAPS as well. Cecilia and her family live in Marysville and are experiencing first time home owenership.

    Nick Albright is the owner of a local company which transforms your home to solar power. Nick found CAPS through Marcon (a local aternative realities convention). Nick discovered origami early in elementary school at the school library and put that to good use folding the corners of his homework. At the age of 10, he joined the local origami group, "Lone Star Origami" and enjoyed doing demonstrations with them at Bloomingdales, the Botancial Gardens and Renaissance Fairs. He is currently enjoying modular origami and "any models that are just a bit too hard". Nick is a very advanced folder and has made some wonderful models. We expect to see great things from him.Nick Albright's Page

    Dr. Michael Weinstein is a tenured professor of Molecular Genetics at the Ohio State Uiversity. Michael started folding when he was a "wee tyke". His mother tells stories of him folding from before he's able to remember much of anything. He folded everything he could get his hands on for years and years. A new origami book was a major event for him and a more welcome present than anything else. He continued folding until he moved to the West Coast to do graduate work. Where one day he saw an ad for an origami demonstration in L.A. which he attended and there met other folders for the first time in his life. Among them a fellow, he especially remembers, Robert Lang, who showed Michael his amazing creations. Michael became a pilot in 2001 and feels his training has helped immensely with the writing of his origami paper airplane book:"Stationery Flight: Extraordinary Paper Airplanes" (available from Amazon) published by Cypress House in 2001. Michael has won awards for his life like origami insects and brings invaluable experience to the group and our activities..

    Chris Welsh came in contact with origami when he was but a "wee tyke" much like MIchael. He was part of an after school program that happened to have an origami book. As a result of that "first contact" with origami, he started asking for his own origami books. He received two, which he still has to this day. It was only a few short years before origami was put on the back burner of life and practically forgotten. Almost 15 years later his love for origami was rekindled. One day, while surfing the internet he came across a website called "flickr". His eyes were opened to the ever-changing, ever growing world of origami. He was amazed at the things that could be made from a square of paper. With his love for origami reignited he became obsessed with modular origami, and for the last 18 months has been in a modular folding frenzy. Chris is a meticulous folder who loves to fold models with hundreds, sometimes thousands of individual pieces. Folding the work of others led him to design a few of his own models. He has not managed to diagram his designs, as yet. In addition to his skills as an origami artist, Chris brings a background in visual media to the group which we have every interest in exploiting and which he hopes to fuse with his passion for origami. Chris Welsh's Page

  • Capital Area Paper Shapers

    CAPS was founded by Monica Salisbury in July 2007 to deal with the lack of an Ohio Origami group. With weekly notices in local newspapers the group grew to eight members over the following ten months, then quickly jumped to over twenty members after several public seminars.

    The group now numbers almost fifty, and includes members with a wide range of interests, specialties and skill levels. Members range from "newbies" to a published author of origami books, as well as some very talented designers. Some focus on modular origami, others on complex wet folding.

    CAPS is primarily a group of origami artists. The members are predominantly Ohioans; we have members in Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Athens as well as Columbus. We are always happy to welcome new members. Currently there are no fees or dues for membership. The only requirement is an interest in origami and/or paper arts, including kusudama, kirigami, paper making, and paper sculpture. But we are first and foremost an origami group.

    Being origami enthusiasts we are always eager to share models and techniques we've learned. We meet monthly to fold and exchange techniques. Everyone is welcome .

    We meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month. At this time we are meeting at the Westerville Public Library. If that should change we'll post the change on this page.

    Our mission as a group is to stretch our abilities in origami but also to participate in and create programs to stimulate interest in and spread awareness of origami.

    The prevalent belief about origami is it's a cute hobby for children but it's so much more. People aren't going to realize what it is and can be until we (origamians) start getting out there to show them it really is art.


  • Friday Beginner Workshops

    There will be two beginner workshops on Friday - one in the morning, one in the afternoon (just a reapeat - same material covered). These workshops are intended for anyone who is a true novice folder, or is just folding from youtube and needs to learn how to read diagrams.

    If you are interested in learning origami - this is the workshop for you

    The cost for the workshop is $50.00, but that will be applied to the regular convention cost if you register for the main convention - or to look at it from the other end, the beginners workshop is free if you register for the convention

    There will be a full schedule of beginner level classes through the weekend.

  • Paper Marbling Workshops

    Once again we will have multiple sessions of intro and advanced paper marbling, taught by professional marbler Steve Pittlekow.

    Each piece of marbled paper is unique, and this is something you can do at home.

    Due to the high cost of bringing in a professional teacher, the marbling classes are additional cost. The introductory marbling class is $45.00 and the advanced class is $55.00.

  • More on origami conventions

  • Gallery Shows

    We will have a large origami display in the front gallery of the Paper Circle in Nelsonvill, Ohio through the month of Sept, 2012. This display will feature a wide range of work by many local and national origami artists.

    Past Shows

    Aug-Sept 2012 OPF had a show at The Paper Circle in Nelsonville Ohio.

    Teaching and domonstrations

    OPF continues to teach origami at multiple events and venues across Ohio. We are available to teach at schools, libraries, festivals etc. Contact us at 740-334-4213 for more information.

    June 7-9 2012 We will have a tent at the Greater Columbus Arts Festival, a three day event with 600+ artists showing and selling their work. We will be teaching origmi to the public and have a large display open to the public. Slide show
    May 25-26 2013 We will have a 10'x20' tent at the Asian Festival, held at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. This is a huge event with attendance over 140,000 people. In 2012 we taught somewhere around 800-1000 people a basic model and had a large display open to the public. Slide show
    thoughout 2013 We will be teaching at public libraries as part of our community outreach program.
    July 27-28 and Aug 4, 2012 We will be demonstrating and teaching origami at the Ohio State Fair in the DeSalle building.